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Para garantizar el rendimiento y control de costes, las comunicaciones unificadas necesitan una gestión profesional con un conjunto de servicios

Una solución de comunicaciones unificadas aporta flexibilidad y rendimiento, pero requiere una gestión profesional y experta que simplifique la administración y mantenimiento de la red y ayude a reducir el coste total de propiedad de la organización.

Desde nuestros NOC (centros de operaciones de la red) europeos, NextiraOne puede proporcionar una completa gama de servicios gestionados. Todos los sistemas de voz y datos corporativos se gestionan a través de una única interfaz basada en Web en la que se pueden integrar hipervisores como HP Open View, CA TNG Unicenter e IBM Tivoli.

  • Topología de red
    • Acceso directo a la configuración.
    • Presentación gráfica de los servidores y gateways.
    • Personalización de mapas topológicos.
    • Notificación de alarmas intensa
  • Configuration management
    • integration of PBX, switches and application servers configuration tools : local and Internet access management,
    • graphical interface for all objects, including sets,
    • configuration of several PBX of the same release in a unique session : scoping,
    • scheduled Import / export of configuration data,
    • link with alarms and directory for the selected object.
  • Alarm notifications
    • OSI standard format,
    • access to the configuration of the managed object from the alarm list,
    • launching of an action on reception of selected alarms: send e-mail, script activation,
    • faults diagnosis.
  • Accounting
    Multi-currencies, multi-carriers accounting:
    • simulation of the potential savings using a new carrier,
    • comparison of the costs of several carriers for a given direction,
    • definition of a retrospective validity date and scheduled recalculation,
    • keeping of historical information about moving inside the organization,
    • call monitoring: supervision of the telecom expenses, definition of thresholds according to entities, actions generated when exceeding a threshold: sending an e-mail, generation of an alarm.
  • Performance analysis
    Fully customisable reports in a variety of standard formats can be sent automatically via e-mail.
    Optimize the network dimensioning and monitor the quality of service thanks to traffic observation on sets, called numbers, attendants, trunks, DECT, Wi-Fi infrastructure.
  • VoIP monitoring
    Our solutions provide complete monitoring of voice over IP communications, for better follow up of VoIP traffic and quality, and an easy integration of VoIP in the customer's data network. A long-term trend reporting capability helps to anticipate infrastructure upgrade planning.
  • LDAP directory
    Automatically synchronised with the IPBX network. Content can also be updated with administrative information and with other LDAP compliant directories, such as Lotus Notes or Exchange. The directory can be accessed through any PC through the intranet via a browser, any workstation on the LAN/WAN via the Directory client or any standard LDAP client (such as MS Outlook Express).
  • Distributed administration access
    Customised access rights can be defined for network managers and users so they can directly access applications from their workstation, through the company LAN/WAN, or through an intranet via a browser.
  • Telecommunication costs monitoring
    Analysis and selection of the best bandwidth service provider as well as ongoing costs simulations to allow service benchmarking.

NextiraOne can bring together our expertise with the best technologies and software from our strategic partners, Alcatel-Lucent, Cisco and Nortel, in a fully outsourced managed service: for flexibility and choice, outright purchase and hosting options are also available.